Khan Academy. Amazing.

I remember watching “Napoleon Dynamite” for the first time with my wife at the urging of our friends.  We laughed uncertainly, maybe twice, during the movie and looked at each other afterwards totally flabbergasted as to why anyone would enjoy it.  A funny thing started happening over the next few days where we started quoting the movie and then watched it again, this time laughing uncontrollably and re-watching several scenes.

The same thing happened after being at the Web 2.0 Summit earlier this month.  Perhaps that was an awkward transition.  Sorry.

Some of the talks I watched induced mental facepalms, but others continued to make me think about them for days afterward.  One of those talks was by Salman Khan of Khan Academy.  I had been a fan of his work for over a year; listening to him live and where they are heading was inspiring.

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