Red Hat Enters Next Phase of Its Application Server Technology Strategy

The rapid change of technology and rise of cloud computing, mobile devices, and NoSQL is making us re-evaluate what a modern application server needs to provide for our customers and how developer tools and technologies need to evolve to meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs.

Today is an exciting day for us where we’re able to share where our middleware platform and projects are headed that will help lead us to an exciting future.  There’s a press release; the content below provides more context.  Mark Little, our engineering leader provides more insight in posts here and here. Continue reading

Recap of CloudConnect, and the Future of Data

I originally posted this on the SQL Azure blog at: Re-posting here.

On Wednesday March 9th, I had the opportunity to talk at Cloud Connect about cloud computing, the Windows Azure platform – and I also took some time to talk about what the public cloud is along with some growing trends that will affect and shape the future of the cloud. If you”re interested, you can find the deck here. In our discussions with customers and partners, there are two things that are quickly converging currently separate conversations about cloud, web, data, and mobile devices: Continue reading