Cloud Data at MIX: SQL Azure, Windows Azure DataMarket, and OData

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Yet another great MIX event happened last week on April 12-14 and it was a fantastic opportunity to have personal conversations with web developers about how they’re using Microsoft development tools and the Windows Azure platform. For me, MIX was also an opportunity to step back and take in all the investment and progress Microsoft is making in the web, cloud, and mobile.

The dozens of conversations I had onsite this year were different than ones in the past and are indicative about the trend towards the pervasiveness of the cloud in the next generation of existing and new applications. While historically there have been distinct and separate conversations about the web, mobile, and the cloud – these conversations are now closely intermingled with developers creating multi-platform user experiences spanning both device and web, and utilizing the cloud run those applications.

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Migrating My WordPress Blog to Windows Azure & SQL Azure

This week I decided to take on an interesting challenge and see what commonly available applications I could get running on SQL Azure and the Windows Azure platform. I remembered a while ago that WordPress had started making significant investments in partnering with Microsoft, and I was really pleased to run across Historically running only on MySQL, WordPress now runs on SQL Server and SQL Azure, utilizing the PHP Driver for SQL Server! The site has great how-to articles of how to install this on SQL Azure, and how to migrate existing WordPress blogs to your new deployment. Continue reading

Recap of CloudConnect, and the Future of Data

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On Wednesday March 9th, I had the opportunity to talk at Cloud Connect about cloud computing, the Windows Azure platform – and I also took some time to talk about what the public cloud is along with some growing trends that will affect and shape the future of the cloud. If you”re interested, you can find the deck here. In our discussions with customers and partners, there are two things that are quickly converging currently separate conversations about cloud, web, data, and mobile devices: Continue reading