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Mazama – Drone Flyby & Landscapes

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Mazama is my favorite small town in Washington State.  Just east of Washington Pass it is often dry and shielded from bad weather from the west by the mountains, a stark contrast to the green of western Washington, and the Cascade Range that has mountains covered in snow year-round.  If you look up while you drive towards town you’ll see the Goat Peak Lookout.  At 7,000 ft. elevation it looks down the Methow Valley with amazing panoramic views. 

The first time I was up there was in 2013 during my first (and only!) stint as a wedding photographer.  My friends Matt and Emily had a private ceremony up there before celebrating with friends and family in town.  On their wedding day gray skies threatened rain but we were blessed to have a bluebird day when we reached the top.  The pictures below brought back good memories of that day. 

aerial footage of Goat Mountain Lookout, Mazama WA

(adjust settings to view in hd) 

Three years later I came back, this time with my drone to get aerial video footage using a GoPro Hero 4 Black mounted on a 3DR Solo drone.  It was breezy at the lookout with 15 mph winds coming straight up and over the ridge, blowing mist and low-hanging clouds while the sun peeked out a few miles away.  Despite the gimbal mount the footage is a little shaky from the wind buffeting the drone but I liked the way the clouds and mist created a moody atmosphere. 

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