Braving Nemo [Photo]
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Braving Nemo [Photo]

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Nemo hit Boston in early February, bringing over two feet of snow and gusts of wind over 50 mph. Teresa and I watched the snow come down for hours before it got dark.  We decided to venture out.  This was the first time I ever put on my mountaineering gear for a city walk, including goggles, and we trudged out onto the snow.  The normally crowded streets were eerily quiet and devoid of the normal traffic with a city-wide driving ban for the night.  The picture here is of Massachusetts Ave. in Cambridge, normally full of cars and pedestrians.

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    Nice capture. I remember lifting my toes, leaning back a little, and letting the wind push me along the icy sidewalks of Boylston. My kid wasn’t even walking when we moved to southwest Florida and the tales of adventures in the Boston winter sound like fish stories to him since he has zero recollection of his first two winters living right on the harbor. We’ve been defrosting, here on the gulf, for too long. I miss that biting New England cold and distinct seasons.

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