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Facebook Profile Photographer, An Unprofitable Venture

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Over the past year several of my photos have turned into the profile pic of my friends’ Facebook accounts.  I considered litigating them for copyright infringement, but I’d lose all my climbing partners.  So instead I opted to vent my frustration by blogging about it.


This is my buddy, Gavin, during our climb of Lane Peak back in Feb 2011. That little hill behind him is Mt. Rainier. Due to the harsh mid-morning lighting, the b+w treatment worked best, with some gradient darkening of the top half of the photo to even out the brightness.


This is Gavin’s wife, Sara, on the summit block of Lundin Peak in the fall of 2010.


This is Rich, with Gavin in the background.  This was in Dec 2010 during a snowshoe ascent of Guye Peak.  The snow was coming down hard; I encouraged Rich to kick up some snow as I was taking pics and got lucky with this shot.

If you are friends with any of these people, please tell them they owe me a beer. Your help is much appreciated. Thank you.

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