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Meet Butternut

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Butternut the Muse
Photo taken March 2010. Larger version here.

Butternut has been part of the family for five years. We adopted him from a shelter when we think he was about two years old, and we think he”s a mix between American Staffordshire Terrier and Rhodesian Ridgeback. He was found by neighborhood kids with a chewed off rope around his neck and a limp from a broken toe. We learned that although he hung around the neighborhood he didn”t let anyone near him for a while, indicating he”d been abused by his previous owner. To this day when we give him a bath he starts quaking in fear and his heart races.

He quickly became part of the family and despite the intimidating physique and deep bark, he is the gentlest dog I”ve ever met. Children can”t resist hugging him (one remarked “he”s got a cute booty!”) and he”s made us friends in the neighborhood when we moved to the Pacific Northwest. I always laugh when he runs in the grass and does a headfirst slide while rolling on his back and then all the way around.

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  1. T Yi
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    Butternut also shakes in fear when he hears the word “no”. Poor guy. He””s a gentle old soul and you captured him beautifully in the photograph. It is incredible.

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