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I’m Back…Again

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I haven”t been updating this blog as frequently as I would have liked.  Seems like yesterday it was 2009.  While I post fairly frequently on Facebook, I”ve decided to spend some more time updating the blog because out of the blue some people have expressed interest in my photography.

In March I sold some prints to someone who saw the link to my blog in my email signature and bought these.  In lieu of payment he made a donation on my behalf to Northwest Harvest.

I took this pic from Alki Beach last night; it”s an HDR composition of three photos.  Normally I”d be out climbing but I”m recovering from a sore knee.  Enjoy!

Seattle from Hamilton Viewpoint

The larger size of this is available at Flickr here.

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  1. Michael Earls
    | Reply

    Glad you””re back. This photograph is incredible.

  2. steve
    | Reply

    thanks! over the next few days i””ll post some other shots i took that came out well (imho).


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